Gerry Ironspear

Author of the Internationally Best-selling Beat Series
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Welcome to the website for Gerry Ironspear, author of adventure stories and creator of worlds. Here’s where you can check out my books, peruse my appearance schedule for the year, sign up for my newsletter, and contact me. Soon, you’ll even be able to order a signed print copy of any of my books. Stay tuned and keep reading! 

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Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

Humanity nearly went extinct 100 years ago. Now, if your heartbeat goes over 140, you die.

At least, that’s what the New Chapter preaches. But Nik Granjer knows they’re lying about the Bug. Sure, it was the Bug that wiped out more than…

Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

The thrilling sequel to BEAT. 

They thought they had won. 

They were wrong. 

Two months after the attack on New Frisko, Nik returns to camp to discover that Prime Administrator Holland’s assassins have killed or captured most of their group-including…

Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

Wounded and left for dead. His family murdered. His sister enslaved.

His blade will bring justice upon his king…

When the king’s guards slaughter Lakhoni’s people, they leave him for dead. Lakhoni regains consciousness to find his sister…

Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

Book two of the stunning Guide and the Sword series kicked off by Lakhoni. 

A wicked blood priest. 

A sister and brother who will see justice done. 

Battered, broken, and branded a traitor to his people, Lakhoni races after Molgar…

Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

The heart-pounding conclusion to the Guide and the Sword trilogy! 

An ancient evil’s avatar spreads terror and death. 

A family of heroes who will not be stopped. 

Lakhoni and his family are in search of

Ebook Cover for Beat by Gerry Ironspear

An ancient prophecy.

A young man reeling from loss and yearning for meaning.

An ancient cloak of great power. 

On a dig in an Egyptian tomb, graduate intern Nathan Eckhoff finds...