Gerry Ironspear

Author of the Internationally Best-selling Beat Series
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Beat – By Gerry Ironspear

Humanity nearly went extinct 100 years ago. Now, if your heartbeat goes over 140, you die.

At least, that’s what the New Chapter preaches. But Nik Granjer knows they’re lying about the Bug. Sure, it was the Bug that wiped out more than ninety percent of humanity a hundred years ago, but that’s ancient history. 

The Bug has to be gone by now. 

Except everyone thinks that the Bug still kills anyone whose heart rate goes over 140 beats per minutes. Which is why the Prime Administrator gave citizens the Papas: digital wrist monitors that knock people out when their heart rate gets too high. The Papas saved the last of humanity. 

But one night after curfew, on the border of New Frisko, Nik tampers with his Papa with terrible consequences. And when a brutal, high-tech enforcement squad from the city shows up, Nik goes on the run. 

Outcast and desperate for allies, Nik’s only hope is to unearth the truth about the Prime Administrator and the origin of the Bug. And stay alive in the process. If he fails, he could be the only witness to the final extinction of humanity.