Gerry Ironspear

Author of the Internationally Best-selling Beat Series
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Lakhoni – By Gerry Ironspear

Wounded and left for dead. His family murdered. His sister enslaved.

His blade will bring justice upon his king…

When the king’s guards slaughter Lakhoni’s people, they leave him for dead. Lakhoni regains consciousness to find his sister, Alronna, has been taken captive. First, he will do the Dance of the Flame, then he will rain justice upon those who have brought this evil.

Armed with only a bow and dagger, Lakhoni must traverse a brutal wilderness, face deadly warriors, and battle legendary tattooed assassins, all to save Alronna’s life. Along the way, he discovers his parents were not the simple villagers they seemed. They were hiding a secret that goes back to the First Fathers.

But Lakhoni isn’t the only one who wants the king dead. Ancient enemies prepare to strike while traitors poison the kingdom from within. The life of the king and the fate of the kingdom hang in the balance. And Lakhoni’s blade can free his sister – or destroy an entire civilization.