Gerry Ironspear

Author of the Internationally Best-selling Beat Series
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Push – By Gerry Ironspear

The thrilling sequel to BEAT.

They thought they had won.

They were wrong.

Two months after the attack on New Frisko, Nik returns to camp to discover that Prime Administrator Holland’s assassins have killed or captured most of their group- including Nik’s parents. Barely escaping with their lives, Nik and his friends race to save their loved ones.

Chasing clues and legends, they discover people and a world they only knew through distorted propaganda. Desperate to free their families and stop Holland, Nik and his friends travel through what’s left of America’s west coast, unearthing an old, dead city that might hold the key to humanity’s survival.

But with brain-modified assassins on their heels, unimaginable technology being thrown against them, and what seems like an entire world out to kill them, can Nik and his friends make it in time to save what’s left of humanity? Or will the Bug and the New Chapter complete their stranglehold on mankind?