Gerry Ironspear

Author of the Internationally Best-selling Beat Series
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The Seer – By Gerry Ironspear

An ancient prophecy.

A young man reeling from loss and yearning for meaning.

An ancient cloak of great power. 

On a dig in an Egyptian tomb, graduate intern Nathan Eckhoff finds the mysteriously preserved cloak of Joseph, the betrayed and enslaved dream interpreter who became the Grand Vizier of all Egypt, trusted adviser to an ancient pharaoh. Wearing the cloak, Nathan gains a terrifying power – suddenly he can see into the hearts of the people around him. Struggling to understand this new ability and what it means, the hopes and fears and dreams of all whom he sees assault him. 

And then he looks into the heart of a cursed madman who is bent on mass murder.

Now Nathan must decide, is he the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Lamed Vovniks, the Thirty-Six righteous people upon whom the fate of the world rests? Or is he just a young man who must give everything to stop a murderer corrupted by a cursed relic of ancient power? 

Nathan had better find the answers soon, before the assassin on his heels catches him, or a cursed madman kills thousands of innocents. But will he be fast enough to rescue the love of his life?